Welcome to Ship 777 - The Vagabonds!

Sea Scout Ship 777 is based in The Woodlands, TX. We sail in Lake Conroe, Lake Woodlands, Clear Lake, and Galveston Bay.

Sea Scouting develops character through sailing and maritime traditions.

Get Ready for Minto Rendezvous

Posted by ngolmon on May 22 2022 - 11:39pm

Ahoy, Ship 777! In anticipation of Minto Rendezvous, we'll gather this Friday at 1600 for a Canoe Race--blindfolded, of course-- & Ring Buoy Toss at CYC.Minto is an annual gathering of Ships from far and wide, with most unusual competitions.Let's start honing our skills now!Several people are signed up for the Boater Safety Class on June 5th.See Calendar for info.Captain Hill sent an article you will find interesting: What are Longitudes and Latitudes?

Ship Meeting Tuesday

Posted by ngolmon on May 16 2022 - 12:08am

I hope any night owls are checking out the Super Blood Moon eclipse right now.I’m standing in the street with binoculars around my neck as I right this and the moon really does look dark red!Come to the May Ship Meeting this Tuesday at 6:00 to hear tales of the Galveston trip.Bring your SPARS and your calendars—we need to make summer plans.Two people will have their BOR too.Is anyone else ready for theirs?

Sunfish Saturday

Posted by ngolmon on May 9 2022 - 2:24am

After a great Sunfish sail last Friday, we’re heading to Galveston this Saturday for a Sunfish class with expert instructor Mike Mankins. Please see the calendar for details, and watch Group Me, too.Here’s your chance to learn the on-the-water skills for Small-boat Sailing Merit Badge and basic boat handling if you’d like to learn to race.

Sunfish Sails

Posted by ngolmon on May 1 2022 - 10:56pm

Thanks to the efforts of Skipper Bonnett & 3 Sea Scouts, four freshly washed and waxed Sunfish await some sailors this Friday afternoon! Please RSVP on Group Me and show up by 4:30.Then we'll have a Sunfish Class at Galveston Boat Club on May 14th with expert Sunfish Instructor Mike Mankins.We'll have lots of boats, one person per boat....What an opportunity!

Let's Go Sailing!

Posted by ngolmon on Apr 24 2022 - 10:46pm

Let's get out the small boats next week--after school Friday Sail on May 6! We'll follow that with a Sunfish Class at Galveston Boat Club. Please RSVP

Sign up to Sail with us....There's LOTS going on!

Posted by ngolmon on Apr 17 2022 - 10:34pm

Blessing of the Fleet is this Sunday. Check the Calendar for details.Six of us sailed aboard the Hunter last Friday, and introduced our newest member Ian to sailing. Welcome aboard, Ship 777 Ian! Come join us for Friday Sunfish Sails on May 6 & 13. RSVP by Wednesday. Come practice before our Galveston Sunfish Class with expert instructor Mike Mankins on May 21st. Our April Service Project is in progress! We are making/providing bird feeders for homebound seniors. This was a request from Meals on Wheels. It is great that we can do something that has a conservation aspect and is help to our community. You can check out some DIY ideas online and make a feeder (or two). You can buy a pre-made feeder and decorate it. Or you can buy a wooden kit (Wood Bird Feeder Kit | Hobby Lobby | 562) and assemble/decorate. We will collect finished feeders at our next Ship meeting on April 19 (at the Scout Shop) and at the Friday May 6 Sail.

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